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Pre Sale and Post Sale FAQ's:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I need to speak with Customer Care regarding a system I’ve already purchased/own. What do I do?
A. Dell offers support via phone . You can reach Customer Care phone numbers here, or email to

Q. I need to speak with technical support regarding my current Dell system. What do I do?
A. Dell offers technical support via phone and chat. You can reach technical support phone numbers clicking here, or email to

Q. I received an order confirmation email, but the email did not contain an order number. Did my order go through?
A. Yes, online orders are manually pulled through by our online team. In most cases this happens very quickly, but it may take up to 72 hours to generate an order number. If an order number has not been issued to you within 72 hours, call Customer Service at the phones provided here, or email Customer Care:

Q. I've placed an order, but I still have a few questions regarding that order. Where can I direct these questions?
A. You can call our Order Status Line at the phones provided here, or email to

Q. I’ve received the product but it has a different configuration that I ordered. How can I solve this?
A. Please contact Customer Care.

Q. I purchased a Dell but I still didn’t received the bill to pay it. What should I do?
A. Please contact Customer Care.

Q. Where can I find replacement parts for my Dell system?
A. You can find them calling to our phones detailed here, or via email to:

Q. Can I trade my old system in for a discount towards a new purchase?
A. Dell does not accept trade-ins for a discount towards new purchases, but Dell does have a free recycling program that allows you to send your old systems to Dell once you receive your new system. For more information about the Dell International Recycling Program, please visit

Q. Will my system include a restore disc (re-installation disc)?
A. Every Dell system includes a restoration disc which includes the operating system installation as well as any applications and files which were included upon purchase.

Q. I purchased a pre-installed version of Microsoft® Office. Will I receive an installation disc for this Office suite in case I need to re-install?
A. All versions of Microsoft Office offered by Dell include re-installation discs. It is important to understand that pre-installed copies of Microsoft Office are OEM, and are available for single-license use only. You can view the limitations of OEM licensing at

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