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Assesses your organization’s current readiness for a Vista upgrade, PC deployment, and image & application management processes.

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Windows Vista Readiness Assessment

Give your business a new perspective with Windows Vista
The next-generation operating system (OS) from Microsoft® , Windows Vista®  is being touted as the most secure, highest quality Windows® release to date. It offers many new and enhanced features in security, performance, manageability and reliability as well as a new, more intuitive and lifelike interface. Windows Vista is designed to support compatibility, standardization and management across systems. By upgrading to Windows Vista, you can experience enhanced productivity and advanced security which can translate to cost savings and revenue growth for your business.

Get the Dell advantage
To capitalize on the benefits of Windows Vista, you need to make sure your computing environment is ready for the upgrade. Dell's Windows Vista Readiness Assessment is designed to help make your transition to Windows Vista as smooth as possible by providing a detailed analysis of your organizations preparedness for the upgrade including:
  • Application compatibility
  • Hardware compatibility
  • Preparedness to migrate
  • Comprehensive gap analysis and recommendations

Client Deployment Assessments

Let Dell help you assess, analyze and optimize client deployment.

Better deployment starts here
Are you planning a largescale PC deployment? Are you thinking about upgrading to a new operating system such as Microsoft® Windows Vista® ? Are you looking for new methods to streamline deployment while reducing costs? Whatever the reason, Dell can help you assess your PC deployment process and recommend ways in which you can improve efficiency, reduce complexity and maximize the return on your IT investment.

Built on experience, based on best practices
Dell knows client deployment. We’ve deployed millions of PCs for countless clients around the globe. More importantly, we’ve taken this expertise and combined it with industry best practices in order to create the Dell Client Deployment Assessment — a proven step-by-step process that can enable organizations to:
  • Measure the current environment in relation to industry benchmarks
  • Validate the current mode of operation and outline opportunities for improvement
  • Identify and document opportunities to help reduce the total cost of PC deployment

Image Assessment

Optimized images start with effective planning and design.

Rely on the IT experts at Dell to assess your image management processes and procedures. We can help you improve the creation, management and validation of your images across your IT infrastructure. As part of Dell Image Assessment, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current image management process and provide a ranking on Dell’s Image Optimization Model. With up-to-date information in hand, you will be empowered to create an image management process that can enable your organization to:
  • Customize image management around your distinct business needs
  • Incorporate best practices into your image management protocol
  • Improve the technical design of your image
  • Reduce PC deployment and support costs across your enterprise
  • Apply leading technology to your image design and deployment
  • Maximize the return on your technology investment