Dell Cloud Computing Solutions™

Dell Cloud Computing Solutions™


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Hyper-Efficiency at Hyper-Scale
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Cloud OptimizationDesigned to OrderProject ManagementCustom Services
From complete data center design and set-up to customized hardware, DCS provides solutions through experience and unique partnerships to meet specific needs.DCS approaches server and storage design from a rack perspective that allows customers to benefit from the density, energy efficiency and reduction of deployment complexity.DCS’ dedicated Project Management team coordinates the resources for each customer project. Take advantage of the latest technology sourced and managed with the supply chain mass of Dell.DCS provides customized end-to-end services to support the scale-out data center customer in a fully customizable service model that’s tailored to hyperscale environments.

Dell Understands the Unique Needs of the Hyper-scale Environment

When cloud computing is the core of your business and its efficiency and vitality underpin your success, the Data Center Solutions (DCS) Division is Dell’s response to your unique needs. We understand your challenges - from compute and power density to global scaling and environmental impact. Dell has the knowledge and expertise to tune your company’s ‘factory’ for maximum performance and efficiency.

DCS engages at both business and engineering levels to analyze and optimize your entire environment, creating custom solutions integrated from the component to the facility level. Deployment and support are tailored to your unique operational requirements. Dell's Cloud Computing Solutions can help you minimize the tangible operating costs that have hyper-scale impact on your business results.


Low Cost
Lower operating costs
a solution tailored to your workload and environment that delivers the highest lifecycle efficiencies.
Cloud Optimization
DCS assesses customer’s workload requirements and datacenter environment; engineers optimize designs at the component, system, rack and datacenter levels.
Engineers optimize performance at the node level, utilizing Dell’s power and thermal expertise.

a solution with the flexibility to manage unique scaling challenges on your timetable -- whether it’s initial speed to market or speed to add capacity.
Dedicated Project Management
Utilizing Dell’s high-velocity supply chain, integration and deployment capabilities.
Capacity on Demand

an excellent service solution that addresses deployment issues as they arise, that follows through on proposed solutions and helps you make the best decisions.
Custom Services
On-site Dell DCS support is optimized for hyper-scale data center deployments, helps in the decision-making process, and is available to deploy and service hardware as needed.

Global Scalability
Global Scalability
a solution to overcome the unique business and infrastructure challenges of creating your global presence.
Global Consulting and Deployment
DCS brings Dell’s world-wide presence to bear for solutions where you need them.

Environment Resposibility
Environmental Responsibility
a solution that helps reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of your data center.
Power Efficiency and Carbon Offsets
Dell offers solutions that raise the bar for environmental performance.
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Dell Systems with 4GB of memory may show less memory in Microsoft Windows. Windows Vista® automatically allocates a certain amount of memory for system use. The amount varies depending on the devices that are installed on the computer but is at least 1 MB and can be as such as 1 GB. Only the unallocated memory is reported by Vista.

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