Dell Client Security Solutions

Dell Client Security Solutions

End-Point Security Solutions

IT has become the backbone of your organization. It is a daily tool for real time collaboration as well as crucial business data storage. At the same time, our world has become extremely mobile: valuable files are sent over networks or carried around the planet on laptops and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a result, there is a growing threat for data loss and security breaches.

Simplify Security

Security is vast and complex, ranging from physical access control of facilities to information lifecycle management and involving multiple organizations. Complexity can slow down even the most tightly run organization. By providing a broad choice of world-class security offerings along with deployment and configuration services, Dell enables you to reclaim wasted time and redirect it towards growing your business.

Security policies tend to be frustrating for users, as they require multiple steps, settings and actions to comply. This then becomes a barrier to implementing adequate security solutions which can have devastating consequences for the business. Dell ControlPoint Security Manager provides a simple and intuitive interface that guides users through the various security settings, simplifying security management by providing a single point for configuration of multiple security features.

Find out about solutions for your system protection and data protection or check out how Dell can help with malware attacks prevention and unauthorized access prevention.

Simplifying Security

In order to simplify security's broad and complex nature, Dell has developed an innovative security approach with a unifying, solution-based security framework built on four main cornerstones.

System Protection: Dell offers solutions to physically protect the hardware itself. These solutions include physical asset protection features for devices, components and peripherals, such as reinforced lock slots and cable lock systems. Another offering is asset identification and recovery, which includes theft deterrents such as dissuasive labels or software-based recovery options such as Dell ProSupport Laptop Tracking and Recovery .

Data Protection: Dell offers strong and manageable hardware data encryption solutions to help protect your data. Hardware encrypted drives are now available on DellTM  LatitudeTM  and OptiPlexTM systems to help meet the growing needs of large organizations to protect data and comply with regulations.

Preventing Unauthorized Access: Dell platforms implement a comprehensive list of authentication methodologies to offer your organization flexibility and strong authentication processes to help protect your digital resources or other applications from unauthorized access. Dell also partners with RSA and HID Corp. to offer leading-edge authentication features on select Dell Latitude laptops in combination with Dell ControlVaultTM  security chip.

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