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The complexity of IT can slow down even the most tightly run organization. By speeding up deployment and configuration, you can reclaim wasted time and redirect it toward growing your business.

With Dell, you’ll save time with solutions that have been rigorously tested before they even leave the factory. You’ll be up and running faster with our streamlined delivery. And you’ll be free to truly innovate, every day.

“Dell managed the necessary vendors for us and made sure that we had pre-imaged OptiPlex™ desktops and Latitude™ notebooks on site and ready to be installed and tested within the narrow time frame.”
– Roger Legendre, Director of Technology Solutions Deployment, Unilever

Dell Deployment Services (planning, factory integration, delivery, and installation) can move approximately 30% of your deployment work into our factory, saving time and reducing costs.

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“We also expected double-digit savings...and that is what we have achieved with Dell.”

“We called on Dell Services. They had everything up and running in less than a week.”