Start Simplifying

Start Simplifying
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Save time with rigorously tested solutions.
Get up and running faster with our streamlined delivery.
Be free to truly innovate, every day.
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Standardize and streamline your infrastructure.
Proactively perform system maintenance and support.
Spend less time on day-to-day system maintenance.
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Get a practical plan to manage your growth.
Don't get locked in by proprietary technologies.
Stay flexible so you can grow your own way.
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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

96% of Fortune 500 companies do
business with Dell. Learn why
companies are choosing Dell to
help them Simplify IT.
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Tech Center - Collaborate with others on our technical wiki
IdeaStorm - Post and vote on ideas about IT simplification
Direct2Dell - Read our blog and comment on simplifying IT

Michael Dell on IT Simplification

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Why Dell

We are committed to simplifying IT by reducing cost and complexity.

We can make innovation a daily business practice instead of a long-term goal. And that will result in a faster, better and smarter enterprise.

Our process works, whether you're a small business or multinational corporation.

Have a look at these resources to see how you can get IT faster, run IT better and grow IT smarter.

Get Dell's Guide to Simplifying IT ( 5.9MB)
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