Dell iSCSI Storage Solutions

Dell iSCSI Storage Solutions
What is iSCSI? Transform the way you store data

Your IT budget has to stretch to meet all of your company’s technology needs. You want the most cost efficient storage you can find to keep up with your growing data. An IP SAN could be the answer. Within 5 years, iSCSI technology will change the face of how people store their data.

This affordable technology allows users to leverage what they already know about their environment and systems to quickly setup and manage virtualized server environments and other consolidated storage. Dell compliments the incumbent stability of Fibre Channel SAN with the common network promoted by iSCSI.

Dell's storage solutions help you unlock your hidden data center and do more with what you have by consolidating storage using inherently familiar IP SAN technology. More customers each day are installing Dell iSCSI storage solutions because they are far less expensive than traditional storage and can be managed with fewer resources.

Clarifying Common iSCSI Misperceptions

Several common misperceptions have persisted regarding how iSCSI compares to traditional Fibre Channel deployments. With iSCSI becoming an increasingly mainstream technology and large vendors like Dell and EMC offering iSCSI products, these notions are no longer necessarily true.

Performance: The first misperception is that iSCSI cannot provide the performance necessary for enterprise applications. Many key applications have random I/O data patterns, and the performance bottleneck ends up being the time it takes to write and read data from hard disk drives, not the network bandwidth.

Manageability: Another misperception is that iSCSI is more difficult to manage than Fibre Channel. The management applications for iSCSI SANs have become intelligent, wizard based or even self managing removing much of the complexity of day to day activities. Additionally, because iSCSI utilizes standard Ethernet equipment and because many IT staffs are more familiar with Ethernet than Fibre Channel, iSCSI networks are often easier to manage.

Network security: A very common misperception is that iSCSI SANs are not as secure as Fibre Channel SANs. In fact, when logically or physically separated, iSCSI networks are just as secure as Fibre Channel.

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iSCSI for Virtualization

iSCSI technology provides compelling price/performance in a simplified architecture while improving manageability in virtualized environments. Specifically, iSCSI offers virtualized environments simplified deployment, comprehensive storage management and data protection functionality, and seamless VM mobility. Dell iSCSI solutions give customers the “Storage Direct” advantage – the ability to seamlessly integrate virtualization into an overall, optimized storage environment.

iSCSI Portfolio

Dell EqualLogic PS6500E iSCSI
EqualLogic PS Series
Intelligent, seamlessly expandable, virtualized iSCSI SAN
Dell PowerVault MD3000i iSCSI
High-performance Ethernet switches for seamless iSCISI integration
Dell PowerConnect 6224 and 6248
The Dell PowerConnect 6224 and 6248 are some of Dell’s most advanced switch offerings with advanced core switching capabilities for the small to medium enterprise
Dell PowerConnect 5424 and 5448
The Dell PowerConnect 5424 and 5448 are the World’s first iSCSI-optimized switches. They offer flexible, wire-speed Gigabit switching with robust security and management features.
Dell PowerEdge M805 Blade Server
Optimized servers that simplify operations while maximizing value
Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers
For ultra dense environments or high performance business-critical applications

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