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Tape and Rack Enclosures and Removable Disk Backup

Considered the first and last line of defense against data loss, tape and removable disks can be used for long term data storage and backup. Tape or removable disk media is highly portable and can easily be taken off-site for added data protection. With the introduction of disk-based technology, users can now backup to a removable disk in addition to a tape-based format for their growing data protection needs. Both solutions can be tailored for a wide range of environments and needs.

Dell offers a variety of tape and rack enclosures and removable disk solutions:
  • LTO Ultrium Drives: An open alternative to proprietary tape technologies, LTO well suited for high-speed, high capacity backups.
  • Tape Rack Enclosures: Ideal for rack environments, this enclosure can be equipped with either DAT72 or LTO based tape technologies.
  • DLT Drives: A proprietary technology that is valued for its relatively good performance and low cost.
  • Entry: Intended for low cost basic backup of single servers.
  • Removable Disk: Rugged, removable disk media offering increased portability and durability when compared to standard USB-based hard drives and a more economical and efficient backup solution than many low-end tape storage alternatives.

LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
PowerVault 110T LTO tape drives offer impressive storage capacity and fast, reliable data backup and recovery for midrange and enterprise server environments.

  • LTO-2-L: 2nd generation value LTO Ultrium tape drive with 200GB native capacity
  • LTO-3: 3rd generation LTO Ultrium tape drive with 400GB native capacity
  • LTO-4: 4th generation LTO Ultrium tape drive with 800GB native capacity
Tape Rack Enclosure
A PowerVault tape rack enclosure is an incredibly rack-dense tape backup system holding two tape drives in a 2U rack space. It is ideal for backing up rack-optimized PowerEdge or PowerVault File/Print NAS servers.

Dell offers a variety of tape technologies in the tape rack enclosure:
  • PowerVault 114T: 2U rack enclosure that can hold one or two DAT72, DLT or LTO tape drives

DLT Tape Drives
For organizations with investments in DLT, PowerVault 110T DLT tape drives offer reliability, overall value, and space efficiency.

Dell offers one DLT tape drive:
  • DLT VS160: midrange class of DLT tape technology

Entry Tape Drives
The PowerVault 100T tape drives are good for workstation and low-cost server environments that want to continue using DAT technology.

Dell offers one entry level tape drive:
  • DAT 72: SCSI technology for single server environments

Removable Disk Drives
The PowerVault RD1000 offers fast, secure and affordable back-ups with a ruggedized, removable disk media that holds up to 300GB.
  • PowerVault RD1000: Easy to use with drag-and-drop backup and restore or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly backups with included software and a transfer rate that is up to 8X faster than DAT 72.

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