Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector: S718QL

Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector: S718QL

Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector: S718QL

A window into your work

Nothing stands between you and an outstanding presentation with a 4K UHD projector featuring ultra-short throw technology.

  • Every presentation shines: 4K UHD presents 8.3 million pixels of eye-popping color, for lifelike images that can hold an audience’s attention.

  • Sprawling views have never been closer: Place your projector 4 inches from the wall and watch it display a 100-inch screen thanks to ultra-short throw technology.

  • Lamp-free. Hassle-free: Replacing bulbs is nearly a thing of the past with a low maintenance laser that lasts up to 10 years.

  • Connect and collaborate: With multiple ways to connect and access your presentation, you can focus on delivering your message instead of searching for your files.

Dell Projector S718QL - Every presentation shines

Every presentation shines

  • Display each detail: Presentations come to life with 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution. This true 4K viewing experience delivers 8.3 million pixels of stunning UHD video, images and fine lines to wow your audience like never before.

  • Illuminate every image: With 5K ANSI lumen brightness you can project vibrant images even in daytime, for presentations in light and dark rooms.

  • Captivating color: View your work like it was meant to be seen with HDR compatibility* and BrilliantColorTM  Technology. Dell HDR* combines greater depth of colors, remarkable clarity and a high contrast range of shades to create strikingly accurate images.

Dell Projector S718QL - Sprawling views have never been closer

Sprawling views have never been closer.

  • Ultra-short throw: No room is too small for an expansive display. Place your projector 4 inches from the wall for 100 inches of 4K UHD, or less than 9 inches from the wall for a 130-inch screen that surpasses boundaries and expectations. Thanks to ultra-short throw technology, it’s an unparalleled viewing experience.

  • Every seat is the best seat in the house: Because the projector can be placed so close to a wall, shadows won’t obstruct presentations, so your audience always has a clear view, no matter where they sit.

  • A fit for any room: The projection technology may be complex, but there’s simplicity in its setup. Operate the 4K Laser Projector from a table top near your viewing surface with minimal installation work and without special cabling, or mount it to the ceiling for a more discreet location. It’s an awesome view no matter which option you prefer.

Lamp free. Hassle free.

  • Ready when you are: A lamp-free laser features instant on and off capabilities so you can get up and running quickly. You won’t even have to wait for the projector to warm up and cool down.

  • Set it and forget it: Multiple redundant laser banks can last up to 10 years*, eliminating the need to replace lamps or change filters.

  • Up for any challenge: Run this projector 24/7 from any angle, including upside down when mounted. With low power consumption, it's the perfect solution for demanding energy environments, including digital signage.
Dell Projector S718QL - Lamp free. Hassle free

Dell Projector S718QL - Connect and collaborate

Connect and collaborate

  • PC-free performance: Present Microsoft Office files and 4K multimedia files from a USB drive for a smooth and effortless connection experience.

  • Share the spotlight: Working together is easy on the 4K Laser Projector. Use your office network and present from up to four different devices simultaneously*. Download the Dell Network Projection app to your notebook from Dell.com, or visit your app store to download EZCast to your mobile device. Select the projector and start presenting.

  • Sights and sounds in sync: Set the mood for an outstanding presentation by streaming audio to a Bluetooth-compatible sound system, like the Dell Wireless 360 Speaker System – AE715, a sound bar, or Bluetooth headphones. Exceptional audio will fill the room wirelessly.

Dell Projector S718QL - Ports and Slots

Ports and Slots

1. 1x AC Power | 2. 2x powered USB Type A (5V/1.8A Output) | 3. 1x SPDIF (Digital Audio) out | 4. 1x Audio out (3.5mm) | 5. 1x USB-A (3.0) | 6. 2x HDMI 1.4a | 7. 1x HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) | 8. 1x RJ45 | 9. 1x Mini USB-B (for firmware updates) | 10. 1x RS232 (9-pin D-sub)| 11. Bluetooth 4.2

Dell Projector S718QL - Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 18.07" (459mm) | Width: 15.16" (385mm) | Depth: 5.31" (135mm) | Weight: 33.07lbs (15Kg)


Complete your experience with accessories designed to make the most of your Dell projector.

Dell Projector S718QL - Dell Wireless 360 Speaker System | AE715

Dell Wireless 360 Speaker System | AE715

Experience powerful and crystal-clear audio with this wireless speaker.
Dell Projector S718QL - Chief WM210AUS Ultra Short Throw & Universal Projector Mount Kit (Dual Stud)

Chief WM210AUS Ultra Short Throw & Universal Projector Mount Kit (Dual Stud)

You can choose to mount your S718QL to the wall with this short throw extension arm and universal projector mount from Chief.