Dell Professional 2009W Monitor Details

Dell Professional 2009W Monitor Details
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DELL Professional 2009W
20-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

At a Glance

  • 20-inch WSXGA 1680 x 1050 HD Display – Step up to 13%* more screen area & 36%* more pixel content than the Dell 19-inch Widescreen Monitor
  • 102%* Color Gamut – Dell TrueColor technology delivers a wider color spectrum and dazzling reds, blues and greens. Graphics come to life.
  • 1000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio – Sharpen your visual experience with deeper blacks, brilliant image quality and crisp, easy-to-read text.
  • 5 Millisecond Response Time - Faster response reduces ghosting and takes the blur out of multi-media presentations.
  • Height-adjustable Stand – Reduce eye and neck strain and raise user comfort and convenience to new levels.
  • 4 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Ports – Convenient USB 2.0 ports help you avoid the hassle of running out of USB ports on your PC or reaching around the back to access them.

Panel Performance

There’s nothing flat about Professional performance. This 20-inch high-resolution widescreen monitor delivers 102% color gamut, a brilliant 1000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typical) and lightning fast 5 ms response time (typical). That means wider, more accurate color representation, razor-like images and fluid motion.

Dell 2009W Flat Panel Monitor

Dell 2009W Flat Panel Monitor

Remarkable Flexibility

Expand your horizons – and your visual experience. With simple height, swivel, tilt and pivot adjustments, the Professional 2009W delivers custom comfort in most any setting. And the four conveniently located USB 2.0 ports offer flexible, hassle-free multi-media connection.

High Definition (HD)

Everything is clearer in HD – graphics, documents, video, even e-mail. The Professional 2009W, with native 1680 x 1050 resolution and DVI with HDCP, delivers superior, life-like clarity and stunning display of images and streaming videos. Desktops spring to life.

Going Green, Save the Planet & Money

Dell is dedicated to the development of environmentally conscious products and programs. Dell flat panels consume less electricity and produce less heat than CRT monitors which means you use less electricity and you save money on cooling and heating costs. In addition, flat panels require less packaging resulting in the use of fewer raw materials – further reducing environmental impact.


As part of Dell’s continuous efforts to eliminate the use of environmentally sensitive materials in our products, the Dell Professional 2009W is the first Halogen-Reduced flat panel monitor that offers multiple printed circuit boards containing “halogen-free” laminates (per JPCA ES-01-1999), as well as “halogen-free” chassis plastics. Through responsible manufacturing, Dell is helping us all go green.

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