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Get help with recent purchases: inquire about order status, delivery, returns, invoices, and other issues click here.

FAQ's (Get your answers fast)

Q. Where I can find spare parts for my Dell system?
A. You can order by sending an email to

Q. Where I can check the status of an order I made recently?
A. To check the status of your order, click here.

Q. How do I find out the technical specifications on the system I am configuring?
A. On the first page when you select the model of the system you're personalizing, there is a "Tech Specs" Tab next to Featured System and Design tabs right above the picture of the starting price for systems, below the name and image of the system. Also when you are configuring the system, you will see the "Tech Specs" link below the picture of the system

Q. Can I recycle or exchange my old system to receive discount on a new purchase?
A. Dell does not accept exchange for giving discounts on new purchases of systems, however Dell has a recycling program that lets you send your old system once you receive it again. For more information about the recycling program, please visit

Q. Does the system include the re-installation disk (restore disc)?
A. All DELL system includes re-installation disc that includes the installation of the operating system as all applications and folders to include the order.

Q. I received an order confirmation via email, but the mail did not provide the number of the order. In this case my order is placed?
A. Yes, online orders are placed manually by our team online. In most cases this happens on a frequent basis, however it can take 72 hours to generate a order number. If the number is not generated in the first 72 hours, please contact customer service via email

Q. I buy a pre-installed version of Microsoft Office, will I get a disk to install the Office program if you need to re-install it?
A. All versions of Microsoft Office offered by Dell include hard for re-installation. It is important to understand that pre-installed copies of Microsoft Office are OEM, and is accessible by a single-use licenses only. You can review the limitations of OEM licensing at Microsoft site

Q. I have placed an order, but still I have some questions concerning my order. Where I can direct my questions?
A. You can check the status of your order by writing to mail

Q. I need to talk or communicate with a customer service agent about my computer / buying. What should I do?
A. DELL offers support via telephone and chat. You can contact customer service or via mail you can also write to the mailbox customer

Q. I need to communicate with Tpecnico support on my Dell system. What should I do?
A. Dell can offer technical support via phone and chat here. In addition you can contact technical support to the mailbox

Q. What is the Difference between a Mini Netbook and a Laptop?
A. If you are looking for a simple computer that supplements your primary computer but fits into a small bag and does basic tasks, such as Internet browsing and email, you would want a Netbook. However, if you are looking for a system that will handle more tasks and programs such as word processing, multimedia and games, you would want a Laptop.

Q. I made a purchase from DELL but still not receive my invoice to pay. What should I do?
A. Please contact customer service

Q. I received the product however has a different configuration to that ordered. Where I can resolve this case?
A. Please contact customer service

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