Duties & Shipping

Duties & Shipping

We know that estimating the total price you pay for a system, including shipping and duties can be a difficult undertaking. Below you can find some examples to help you make your final decision.

For a Inspiron notebook with a value of US$ 1,000, a good estimate for shipping and duties charges to your country are
Shipping: US$ 128.00, Duties: Information not available.

For a Dimension desktop that includes a 17" flat panel display with a value of US$ 1,000, a good estimate for shipping charges to your country are Shipping: US$ 183.00, Duties: Information not available.

These are mere examples, hence cannot be considered as a final offer or promise. Final price confirmation has to be obtained from Dell.

The import instructions for your country for any of the above are the following:

CountryProductApproximate CostEstimated Duties & TaxesShippingRequired DocumentationLuxury Taxes
BelizeInspironUS$ 1,000Information not availableUS$ 128.00Legal ID or PassportNot applicable
BelizeDimensionUS$ 1,000Information not availableUS$ 183.00Legal ID or PassportNot applicable

*This is just an estimate of the approximate shipping/taxes that you will have to pay. Please understand that this is only an estimate for your convenience. All amounts are subject to change at any time and Dell is not liable for these changes.

Note: Carrier will contact consignee upon arrival of the order to the country, and will provide the steps necessary for the delivery of the order. This includes the payment of D&T from the customer's part if order has a Door To Door Service.

Consignee will be responsible for storage charges beyond stated clearance time.

Clearance time will be informed by local Carrier's office upon arrival of the order.

Offer valid from 30th May to June 5th of 2014 at www.dell.com and not accumulative with other promotions. Prices in American dollars exclude freights, import or local taxes. Freights and taxes will be paid upon delivery, directly to the carrier. Limit of 5 systems per customer and not valid to distributors or resellers. The Notebooks weight varies by configuration. Cannot be combined in different ways. Microsoft Office 2010 availability in Spanish varies from region. Microsoft Office Basic edition includes Word, Excel and Outlook.

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