PowerEdge M600 Blade Server

PowerEdge M600 Blade Server
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The World’s First Fully Modular, Most Power Efficient Blade Solution Configure & Price
Up to 2 Dual-Core or Quad-Core Intel®  Xeon®  5000 Sequence processors
5400 series processors with up to two 3.16GHz, 1333MHz front side bus, 2x6MB cache
5200 series processors with up to 3.50GHz, 1333MHz front-side bus, 6MB cache
Low voltage processors with up to 2.66GHz, 133MHz front-side bus, 2x6MB cache

Intel 5000P

Up to 8x Fully Buffered DIMMs (FBD) at 667MHz
Up to 64GB of memory with 8GB DIMMs

  Embedded Hypervisor (optional)
VMware ESXi 3.5
Hard drive implementation
Citrix XenServer Dell Express Edition
Citrix XenServer Dell Enterprise Edition
Microsft HyperV via Microsoft Windows Server 2008

  Operating Systems
Factory Installed O/S:
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2008 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2008 HPC Edition
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2008 SP2
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2003 R2, Standard and Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2003 R2 x64, Standard and Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows®  Server 2008
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
VMware ESX 3.0
VMWare ESX 3.5 Standard Edition
VMware ESX 3.5 Enterprise edition
Red Hat®  Linux®  Enterprise v5.3
Red Hat Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 x86_64
Red Hat Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 x86
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 Small Business Server Standard Edition

Non-Factory Installed O/S:
Red Hat®  Linux®  Enterprise v4, WS, AS, ES, and ES x86-64
Solaris 10

Up to two Hot-Swappable Internal Drives:
2.5" SAS (10K rpm): 73GB*, 146GB* or 300GB*
2.5" SAS (15K rpm): 36GB* or 73GB* or 146GB*
2.5” SATA (7.2k rpm): 80GB*, 160GB* or 250GB*
25GB*, 50GB* Solid State Drive (SSD) (limit 1 per blade)

Maximum Internal Storage
Up to 600GB* per blade via two 2.5" 300GB* hot-swappable SAS (10k rpm) hard drives

External Storage Options:
Dell/EMC fibre channel and/or iSCSI external storage, including Dell/EMC AX150, AX150i, CX300, CX3-10c , CX3-20, CX3-40, and CX3-80, PowerVault MD3000i
PowerVault NX1950 Unified Storage Solution

  Drive Bays
Two 2.5” Hot-Swappable SAS/SATA or one 2.5” Hot-Swappable Solid State Drive

  I/O Mezzanine Cards
Four PCIe x8 Mezzanine Card slots per blade.
Available options
  • Dual-port Gb Ethernet w/ TOE Broadcom 5708 (Fabric B only)
  • Dual-port Gb Ethernet w/ TOE and iSOE Broadcom 5709
  • Dual-port 10Gb Ethernet Broadcom 57710
  • Dual-port FC4 Qlogic QME2472
  • Dual-port FC4 Emulex M Lpe1105
  • Dual-port FC8 Qlogic QME2572
  • Dual-port FC8 Emulex M Lpe1205
  • Dual-port DDR InfiniBand Mellanox ConnectX
  RAID Controllers
SAS6ir (H/W based) with RAID 0/1 support
CERC6i RAID 1, 2 HDD (SAS only)

Dual-port embedded Broadcom®  NetXtreme IITM  5708 Gb3 Ethernet NIC with TCP/IP Offload and optional iSCSI Offload

Dell OpenManageTM  software tools
OpenManage Server Administrator- monitoring agents and 1:1 management utilities
OpenManage Storage Services – RAID management
OpenManage Deployment Toolkit- utilities for remote, unattended configuration
Dell Server Assistant- local, simplified OS installation utility

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with:
Out of Band alerting, status, inventory, and troubleshooting via Secure Web GUI/CLI (telnet/SSH)
Remote Virtual Media (vMedia) and Virtual KVM (vKVM)

VMedia- Map media from remote workstation/network to the blade
vKVM- out of band remote console, supports Java or ActiveX plug-ins
IPMI 2.0 support

  Standard Interfaces
Two USB 2.0 bootable ports on front panel for floppy, CD/DVD, memory key, keyboard/mouse

Embedded ATI RN50 video controller with 32MB memory

Operating Temperature: 10º C to 35º C (50º F to 95º F)
Storage Temperature: -40º C to 65º C (-40º F to 149º F)
Operating Relative Humidity (non-condensing twmax=29C): 8% to 80% non-condensing
Maximum humidity gradient: 10% per hour, operational and non-operational conditions
Storage Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing (twmax=38C)
Operating Vibration: 0.26Grms at 10Hz to 350Hz for 15 minutes
Storage Vibration: 1.54Grms Random Vibration at 10Hz to 250Hz for 15 minutes
Operating Shock: 1 shock pulse of 41G for up to 2ms
Storage Shock: 6 shock pulses of 71G for up to 2ms
Operating Altitude: -16 to 3,048m (-50 ft to 10,000 ft)
Storage Altitude: -16m to 10,600m (-50 ft to 35,000 ft)

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