Dell S1709W Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Dell S1709W Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
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17" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

At a Glance

  • 17" 1440 X 900 Display – Enjoy more widescreen real estate and reliable resolution.
  • 600:1 Contrast Ratio – The 1709W offers great color detail, sharp image quality and crisp, easy to read text.
  • 8 Millisecond Response Time (Typical) - Quick response delivers quality video viewing and fluid multimedia entertainment.

Panel Performance

Expand desktop productivity and multimedia performance with this roomy 17” widescreen display. The S1709W delivers brilliant 600:1 contrast ratio, vivid 1440 x 900 resolution (at 60Hz) and high brightness at 250cd/m2. That means wider, life-like images, excellent color detail and glowing presentation.

Exceptional Multimedia Experience

At work or play, turn your Dell desktop into a big, multimedia performer. With 8ms response time, the S1709W delivers dynamic photo and video viewing and great Internet graphics. Add the optional multimedia soundbar AX510PA for enhanced audio performance. See – and hear – the Dell difference.

Dell S1709W At a Glance

Dell S1709W Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and Convenience

The S1709W is uniquely designed for maximum comfort, convenience and visual appeal. With easy tilt adjustability and cable management features, the flat panel display offers versatile viewing and a clutter-free workspace. The high glossy black bezel looks great with any Dell consumer desktop or notebook.

Dell Green

Dell is dedicated to the development of environmentally conscious products and programs. The S1709W demonstrates our commitment by consuming less electricity and producing less heat than CRT monitors. The slim, flat panel design requires fewer raw materials and less packaging – further reducing environmental impact. Through responsible manufacturing and easy-to-use consumer recycling programs, Dell is helping us all go green.

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