XPS 630 Desktop

XPS 630 Desktop
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Dell XPS 630 desktop gaming PC - a sleek head turning warrior created for smashing game performance. ATI™ Crossfire™ & Nvidia® SLI® dual graphics options available.

The complete package

Now you can have searing good looks and fearless brawn. Experience the latest technology and innovative design with the XPS™ 630 - a sleek, head turning warrior created for smashing game performance.

Push the limits

A supersonic gaming extravaganza – the XPS™ 630 offers full-on power with overclocking via BIOS or Nvidia® nTune, a selection of Quad & Extreme Intel® processors, single or dual graphics cards and a 750W power supply for an extreme experience.
Supreme processors

Nvidia® SLI™ or ATI™ Crossfire™

More power
Supreme processors
Blow away the competition with a choice of Intel® Core™ 2 Quad or Core™ 2 Extreme processors with front side bus speeds of up to 1333MHz.

NVIDIA® SLI™ or ATI™ CrossFire™
The XPS™ 630 supports both single & dual graphics options. With dual graphics, two graphics cards can run in parallel to act as one monstrously powerful card. Choose between NVIDIA® SLI™ or ATI™ CrossFire™ options.

More speed
Extreme over-clocking, with optional memory, can take you up to 1066MHZ, giving you the ability to go further than ever before.

More power
Bulk up on extra hard drives and graphics cards with a 750W power supply in every model with adjustable voltage.
Dell XPS 630

Imposing design

Turn heads with the sleek and stylish design of the XPS™ 630. With a choice of colors, upgradable ATX design and incredible graphics you get more class than ever before.
Dell XPS 630 with AGEIA® PhysX™

ATX design
Upgrades are easy with the ATX design. Tool-less drive bays let you swap components with minimum fuss.

Black or red
Play on with a stylish choice of red or black finishes to complete your gaming experience.

Incredible Graphics
The XPS™ 630 supports single & dual graphics options from both NVIDIA® & ATI™. With dual graphics, two graphics cards can run in parallel to act as one monstrously powerful card. NVIDIA® SLI™ or ATI™ Crossfire™, both are offered, you decide. Go a step further & bring a new level of realism to your games with the optional AGEIA® PhysX™ Accelerator . Every hair, gust of wind and speck of dust reacts in a life-like fashion thanks to tens of thousands of "smart particles" added to gaming environments that support PhysX™.

The right connections

Transfer all your important data with absolute ease thanks to smart Ethernet port.

Ethernet Cable

Gigabit Ethernet port
Transfer more data back and forth in your home network and to the outside world.
Dell XPS 630 - Back View
XPS 24/7 Support

Enjoy first class support

Superior service is standard with XPS™ products. Dell XPS™ technicians pass rigorous XPS™ products-specific training, and support calls are normally answered in less than 2 minutes.

You can also count on the latest virus and spyware protection, and 24x7 support. In short, the ownership experience is just like the machine itself – top of the line.
Intel Core 2 Quad