Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module

Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module
Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module

Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module for M1000e Blade Enclosure

Connect M-Series blades into the Fibre Channel (FC) infrastructure of your choice.
  • Provides Fibre Channel connectivity for Dell blades
  • Auto-negotiates link speeds of 8/4/2 Gbps
  • Features 16 external ports with optical 8Gbps SFP+ transceivers

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Fibre Channel connectivity for your existing SAN infrastructure

The Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module provides data centers with existing SAN infrastructures a direct Fibre Channel connection between the servers and the SAN. The module offers sixteen 8/4/2Gbps Fibre Channel one-to-one, non-switched connections between the blade servers and the SAN.


  • Each port provides a dedicated connection for guaranteed bandwidth to each server port.
  • Transparent pass-through protocol helps remove interoperability issues between SAN and server.
  • 8, 4 or 2 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity on each port can match existing server and SAN installations.

Alternative Fibre Channel connectivity option for Dell M-Series blades

Are you looking for the simplicity of a pass-through with the added port/cable aggregation and failover benefits of a switch? Click here for details on the Dell 8/4Gbps FC SAN Module, based on industry-standard NPIV technology.

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