Mellanox M3601Q Product Details

Mellanox M3601Q Product Details

Mellanox M3601Q

Performance and Efficiency in a Cost-Effective Solution

High Bandwidth, Low Latency fabric for Enterprise Data Center and High Performance Computing environments
  • Powerful, high-performance server switch blades
  • Full cross sectioned sectional bandwidth from server blades to fabric
  • Reliable Transport
  • I/O Consolidation
  • Virtualization Acceleration

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Sustained Network Performance

The M3601Q from Dell supports static routing to reduce or eliminate congestion situations. For conditions when output ports are oversubscribed, the M3601Q Supports IBTA 1.2 congestion control mechanisms. The switch system works together with the ConnectX I/O HCA to restrict the traffic causing congestion and ensures high bandwidth and low latency to all other flows. Whether used for parallel computation or as a converged fabric, the combination of high bandwidth, adaptive or static routing, and congestion control provides stellar traffic carrying capacity.

Easy to Manage

The M3601Q is easily managed through any IBTA compliant subnet manager. Mellanox recommends installing and running on each server blade of the Mellanox OpenFabrics software stack. Any server can then run the subnet manager along with switch management tools. Port configuration and data paths can be set up automatically or customized to meet the needs of the application. Firmware can be updated in-band for simple network maintenance.

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