Mellanox ConnectX®-2 VPI Product Details

Mellanox ConnectX®-2 VPI  Product Details

Mellanox ConnectX-2 VPI

Performance, Flexibility and Efficiency

ConnectX-2 mezzanine cards with Virtual Protocol InterconnectTM  (VPI) supporting InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity deliver low-latency and high-bandwidth for performance-driven server and storage applications in Enterprise Data Centers, High-Performance Computing, and Embedded environments.
  • One adapter for InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet or Data Center Bridging fabrics
  • World-class cluster performance
  • High-performance networking and storage access
  • Guaranteed bandwidth and low-latency services
  • Reliable transport
  • I/O consolidation
  • Virtualization acceleration
  • Scales to tens of thousands of nodes

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Virtual Protocol Interconnect

VPI-supported adapters make it possible for Dell PowerEdge M1000e-series Blade Servers to operate with either InfiniBand or Ethernet switches. With auto-sensing capability, each ConnectX-2 port can identify the attached switch and bring up the link automatically. ConnectX-2 with VPI simplifies I/O system design and makes it easier for IT managers to deploy infrastructure that meets the challenges of a dynamic data center.


ConnectX-2 delivers low latency, high bandwidth, and computing efficiency for performance-driven server and storage clustering applications. Efficient computing is achieved by offloading from the CPU routine activities which allows more processor power for the application. Network protocol processing and data movement overhead such as InfiniBand RDMA and Send/ Receive semantics are completed in the adapter without CPU intervention. ConnectX-2 advanced offloading technology enables higher cluster efficiency and large scalability to tens of thousands of nodes.

Low Latency Ethernet with Data Center Bridging

ConnectX-2 delivers similar low-latency and high-bandwidth perfor¬mance leveraging Ethernet with DCB support. Low Latency Ethernet (LLE) utilizing RDMA over Converged Enhanced Ethernet (RoCE) technology provides efficient RDMA transport over Layer 2 Ethernet. The RoCE software stack maintains existing and future compatibility with bandwidth and latency sensitive clustering applications. With link-level interoperability in existing Ethernet infrastructure, Network Administrators can leverage existing data center fabric management solutions.

TCP/UDP/IP Acceleration

Applications utilizing TCP/UDP/IP transport can achieve industry-leading throughput over InfiniBand or 10GigE. The hardware-based stateless offload engines in ConnectX-2 reduce the CPU overhead of IP packet transport, freeing more processor cycles to work on the application.

I/O Virtualization

ConnectX-2 with Virtual Intelligent Queuing (Virtual-IQ) technology provides dedicated adapter resources and guaranteed isolation and protection for virtual machines (VM) within the server. I/O virtualization with ConnectX-2 gives data center managers better server utilization and LAN and SAN unification while reducing cost, power, and cable complexity.

Storage Accelerated

A consolidated compute and storage network achieves significant cost-performance advantages over multi-fabric networks. Standard block and file access protocols leveraging InfiniBand RDMA result in high-performance storage access. T11 compliant encapsulation (FCoIB or FCoE) with full hardware offloads simplifies the storage network while keeping existing Fibre Channel targets.

Software Support

All Mellanox adapter cards are supported by a full suite of drivers for Microsoft Windows, Linux distributions, VMware, and Citrix XENServer. ConnectX-2 VPI adapters support OpenFabrics-based RDMA protocols and software. Stateless offload are fully interoperable with standard TCP/UDP/ IP stacks. ConnectX-2 VPI adapters are compatible with configuration and manage¬ment tools from OEMs and operating system vendors.

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